Here is a list of all types of blocks and their properties in game. All of these blocks will disappear when you destroy them, except for one.


Red ? Blocks and Switches: If you step on the ? Switch hidden in the area where you are Mario and stand on the yellow circle with triangles around it, then look up at the light coming from the roof, you will go into a area where there is a hidden power star. Below, there will be a ? Switch. When you step on it, all of the ? Blocks that are transparent and you just go through them, will turn solid, so you can use them to get a Power Flower to get a special power for a limited time, but can always come back. If you are Mario, Wario, or Luigi, and have your hat stolen, and hit these, a Bob-Omb will come out and try to hurt you. They don't give Yellow Star Coins, though. These are the only blocks that return once they are used.

Yellow ! Blocks: They can contain Yellow Star Coins, Koopa Shells, and Green Mushrooms (and one that contains a power star hidden inside the castle) Once you use these blocks, they will not return.

Wooden Crates: If you are Mario, Wario, or Luigi, you can pick them up, ground-pound them, throw them, or drop them by crouching. If you are Yoshi, and you eat one, you could turn them into a square egg, and you can burn them if you use fire. They also contain up to 3 Yellow Star Coins. They regenerate, too. If you throw one by destroying it, go back to where it regened, grab it and throw it, then when it is destroyed, no coins will fall out.

Orange Brick Blocks: Only Mario, Wario, and Luigi can punch or ground-pound them to make them explode. However, Yoshi cannot destroy them (unless you get a cap) These Bricks can have a Red Star Coin, a few Yellow Star Coins, and a Red Mushroom. They will disappear once you destroy them, too.

Ice Cubes: Only Yoshi can melt them by using a Power Flower or eating fire from a campfire. They could have a Red Star Coin, a Power Star, or nothing. They disappear once you melt them. They can only be found in places where there is snow (Except for the place where you battle King Chilly to unlock Wario)

Black Bricks: Wario is the only one that can destroy them. They contain Star Switches. There is also one outside the castle that you can use to enter a secret area (But you have to drain the water to destroy it, first) They are gone once you defeat them the first time.