Black and Blue ? Cannons

Black and Blue ? Cannons are a cannon that you can use to get around quick, but first must unlock in game (but in one level, you cannot use)

Black and Blue ? Cannons: At first, you will see a plate where there is a pink Bob-Omb. You must talk to the Pink Bob-Ombs, and they will allow you to use the cannon. When you jump into the cannon, you can blast yourself anywhere. There is one cannon that is in Bob-Omb Battlefield in Course 1, that you cannot enter, but it shoots bubbles that if you get hit, could damage you. There is also a spot outside the castle where there is a cannon, and some time in the game, when you defeat Bowser in the final battle, you can use the cannon to get to the top of the castle. If you are Luigi, and you shoot yourself up there, you will find a Green Rabbit.

NOTE: A list will be made of where to find the pink Bob-Ombs that let you use the cannons.